20 Years ago we started of as a 4×4 driver, recovery and navigation training facility. Today that is still one of our trademark products, because of the wealth of knowledge of our highly experienced Instructors. We are open to all brands of 4×4’s, because we still believe that the best 4×4 is the one with the most experienced driver behind the controls. We provide certified or accredited 4×4 driver training, under the 2 newly registered unit standards for 4×4 training with Theta, the Transport SETA. Our Training is done at Doringbos 4×4 facility.

Subjects covered in driver training is:

  1. Types of 4×4 vehicles.
  2. Driving techniques for different types of terrain and obstacles. For example sand, water, mud, climb, descend, slopes, axel breakers, trenches and hills.
  3. Ecology and Nature Ethics.
  4. Recovery and Recovery equipment.
  5. Navigation.
  6. First aid.

Certificate for completion:

You will receive a certificate that will confirm attendance of training and that you have a good understanding on 4×4 driving.

You can also receive a certificate that you attended an accredited training session and passed the exam as well as the practical evaluation.

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